• Strip of 30 tablets
  • Nutritional Deficiency Anemia of iron,Vit B12 & folic Acid in pregnancy.
  • In Anemia due to hookworm infestation.
  • In Anemia due to Menorrhagia,haemorrhoids
  • In Anemia due to G.I. bleeding, ulcers.
  • One tablet daily for 3-4 months to normalise Hb level & to build iron stores.
  • New Rescafe should be taken separately from any other medication

New Rescafe

New Rescafe is a hematinic tablet of carbonyl iron. Due to smaller particle size of carbonyl iron, absorption of iron is higher & chances of gastric irritation are minimized. Adenosylcobalamine, folic acid in New Rescafe help in formation & maturation of red blood cells.

Also, zinc as antioxidant makes New Rescafe a complete hematinic for all.

Disclaimer :
The above mentioned brief is for information purpose . Actual use should be done after proper medical consultation only.