• Clinsup V ER: Strip of 7 tablets
  • Clinsup V3 ER: Strip of 3 tablets.
  • In Recurrent Mixed vaginal infection
  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Vaginal candidiasis
  • Candida Vulvitis

Clinsup V/V3 ER

An innovative technology launched by Resilient. The brand has pioneered the concept of adding Clindamycin with Clotrimazole in extended release technology in treatment of mixed vaginal infection.

Clinsup V ER : It is 7 days sure shot therapy for vaginal infections caused by fungi, protozoa, bacteria. It prevents recurrence of infection.

Clinsup V3 ER : It is 3 days therapy covering all types of mixed vaginal infection. The therapy is indicated for vaginal infection during pregnancy to reduce risk of preterm delivery.

Extended Release : It is a technology by which drug release is time controlled and thus helps to maintain effective drug concentration for 8 to 10 hours ensuring maximum kill of causative pathogen. As drug release is well within therapeutic window,chances of side effects like irritation in vagina are minimized.

How Should You Use:

Clinsup V ER : One tablet to be inserted in vagina at bed time for 7 consecutive days.

Clinsup V3 ER : One tablet to be inserted in vagina at bed time for 3 consecutive days.
Wash and clean hands with mild soap and warm water before inserting the tablet in vagina.

The above mentioned brief is for information purpose . Actual use should occur after proper medical consultation only.