• Salicure 6: 30g
  • Salicure 12: 30g
  • Salicure 17: 16g
  • Salicure Facewash 60g
  • Salicure 6: Cracked heels.
  • Salicure 12:Psoriasis, Ichthyosis, Exfoliative Dermatitis.
  • Salicure 17: Corns calluses & warts.
  • Salicure Facewash: Acne
  • Apply once or twice in a day.


Salicure available in various strengths is a combination of salicylic acid & urea which is suitably indicated in various conditions of keratotic dermatoses.

Salicylic acid is known for it’s property of exfoliating the skin by promoting the shedding of dead cells. It also has anti- inflammatory effect. Urea gives emollient effect to skin.

Salicure 6 : Combination of salicylic acid 6% & urea 10%. Mainly used to treat cracked heels.

Salicure 12 : Combination of Salicylic acid 12% & Urea 10% Recommended for treatment of Exfoliative dermatitis, ichthyosis,psoriasis.

Salicure 17 : Unique combination of Salicylic Acid 17% & urea 10% for treatment of corns, calluses & warts.

Salicure Facewash : A deep cleansing face wash with desmolytic action of salicylic acid 2%. It opens the clogged pores. Aloe prevents dryness & irritation that may be induced by Salicylic acid.

For Best Results in acne : In acne, use of Salicure Face Wash is recommended before application of topical anti-acne treatments (clinmiskin gel) as it opens the pores which facilitates penetration of anti-acne drugs easier,faster & deep inside the skin.

Disclaimer :
The above mentioned brief is for information purpose . Actual use should be done after proper medical consultation only.