• 15g
  • In Grade 2,Grade3,Grade 4 acne(moderate to severe acne)
  • Careful application on acne affected area; before retiring to bed.
  • After application, concerned area of skin shouldn’t be exposed to sun rays as exposure to sunrays would cause irritation.
  • Once daily

Clinmiskin A

Clinmiskin A is a step ahead brand from Resilient with triple power of Clindamycin ,Adapalene & Aloe ;recommended in moderate to severe acne. Trans Follicular Drug Delivery technology (T F D D )used in clinmiskin-A gives advantage of better absorption & better tolerance. Clindamycin reaches the site of action faster with TFDD technology.

Clindamycin: Helps reduce free fatty acid concentration on skin & inhibits growth of P.acne bacteria.(microbes causing acne) Clindamycin also gives anti inflammatory action.

Adapalene: This topical retinoid helps increase efficacy of Clindamycin & gives anti-inflammatory effect. Rapid onset of action is achieved with the help of micronised adapalene. Also, cellular differentiation & keratinization are other important benefits of adapalene.

Aloe- Base: Helps minimize irritation that may be induced by Adapalene.

The above mentioned brief is for information purpose . Actual use should be done after proper medical consultation only.